What clients say:

“I highly recommend Åsa. She is one of the best coaches I have had. She has been extremely helpful in keeping me steady and focused, which is a challenge. I am one of those people who has a new idea each week. I never felt judged and I always feel that we are working positively together. She allows me space to think and nothing feels forced – more that things are illuminating, or growing in self-knowledge. I started working with Åsa shortly before lockdown when my fledgling business effectively collapsed. With her quiet support, observations and questions, I have re+written and successfully delivered several online coursesm as well as managing some personal challenges.” Aysha

“Coaching with Åsa gave me a rare chance to reflect in-depth about my profession, discovering immediate issues and opportunities and drawing next steps for further development. Åsa is encouraging, lucid and had a lovely discreet way to enable me to see opportunities. I am glad I decided to embark on this journey now, during the coronavirus crisis as it has invigorated and helped me be proactive in this tumultous moment. Thiago

“Åsa’s coaching has enabled me to see the light at the end of the tunnel-  through listening and probing questions have given me a lighter heart and the motivation I need. I cannot recommend Åsa highly enough: she helped me navigate through  a difficult time in my life and taught me coping strategies when it all gets too much.” Heike

“I entered into my coaching relationship not really knowing what I was trying to achieve, just with the knowledge that life could be better and I could do with some help working out how.  Åsa has supported me in digging deeper into all aspects of my life and through exploration of my underlying values has really helped my understand how I can improve things from personal relationships through to my career.  I can highly recommend her as a coach.”  Jan

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