I have been quiet for a while, whilst I have focussed on working with clients from the creative industries who are trying to find new ways forward in these challenging times.

With a background as a theatre and music producer myself, I share a deep concern for the future of the performing arts and live music sector and empathise with the sense of loss and uncertainty this community is going through at the moment.

There is always a route through. Sometimes you just need a little bit of help finding your way. That’s where coaching comes in.

Here is a lovely testimonial I found in my inbox this morning. You see, when someone takes a leap of faith and start to believe in their own worth, the possibilities are endless. It can be a really creative and life-affirming journey.

“Coaching with Åsa gave me a rare chance to reflect in depth about my profession, discovering immediate issues and opportunities, and drawing next steps for further development. She is encouraging, lucid and had a lovely discreet way to enable me to see opportunities. I’m glad I have decided to embark on this journey now during the coronavirus crisis as it was invigorating and helped me be proactive in this tumultuous moment.”

If you would like to explore what potential coaching could unlock for you, get in touch.

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